The ¡°Photo Archive of Asian Cultures¡± is a project of the program entitled, ¡°Development of Materials for Understanding Asian Cultures¡± organized by UNESCO Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding (APCEIU) with the support of Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. This Web Site offers you the collection of photographs extensively covering a wide-range of cultural aspects of UNESCO Member States in the Asia-Pacific region.

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Provided in the ¡°Photo Archive of Asian Cultures¡± are a substantial number of photographs sorted by countries, topics and sub-topics and a search function which enables users to search through keywords. Users can select a topic of interest from the ¡°topic¡± drop down menu and a ¡°sub-topic¡± from the respective drop down menu. Searches are also available by using the search box provided in the main page.
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Photographs of the ¡°Photo Archive of Asian Cultures¡± are uploaded on an annual basis by APCEIU.
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Refer to the themes, sub-themes, and their descriptions below for your search.
Theme Sub-Theme Description
Cultural Diversity Lifestyle Clothing
Living Space
Living Tool
Tangible Culture Architecture
Painting, Industrial Arts, Pottery
World Cultural Heritage
Intangible Culture Dance
Traditional Games
Custom Ceremonies
Festivals, Holidays
Religion Christianity
Peace Violence War
Peace-Keeping Security
Institution for Peace
People for Peace
Civil Movement
Symbols of Peace
Human Rights Ethnic Minority Ethnic Minority
Migrants Migrants
Refugees Refugees
Generation Family
Elderly People
Married Couple
Children, Adolescents
Sustainable Development Nature Nature, Ecosystem
World Natural Heritage
Industry Primary Industry (Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries)
Secondary Industry (Manufacturing Industry, Construction Industry)
Tertiary Industry (Transportation, Communication, Service and others)
Information Industry (Hardware, Software and Communication)
Green Revolution, Organic Farming
Climate Change, Natural Disaster
Environmental Pollution
Urbanization Urbanization, Industrialization
Education Education
Health Health
Globalization Transportation&Communication Transportation&Communication
Material Movement Material Movement
Population Movement Labor Movement
Migrants, Refugees
Intercultural Phenomenon Homogenization
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